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Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions at Web Mania relating to our web hosting services and domain name management, please read through carefully. If you have any more questions, email us on

Q. What are the Payment Modes?
A. We accept payment by credit/debit card, cheque, postal order, bank transfer, and

Q. Can I see your hosting control panel?
A. We have taken some screenshots of the control panel so that you can see the features it offers that allow you to manage your web hosting account.

Q. How is the Bandwidth Calculated?
A. Bandwidth is calculated by the data transferred when a visitor looks at your web site.

Q. What is the connection speed that we get?
A. Our network is connected via 100Mb/s connections to multiple providers, however the speed of your connection will be determined by the slowest link in the connection between you and the servers.

Q. What version of PHP and Perl does your web hosting support?
A. PHP version 5.2.8, Perl Version 5.6.1

Q. Do you provide FrontPage Extensions (which version)?
A. Yes, we currently support FrontPage 2002

Q. Do you provide MSSQL support?
A. No, we do not support MSSQL, all our servers are Linux based, the database that we support is MySQL 4.1.20

Q. What additional benefits will I get if I register with you, apart from
the ones mentioned on your website.

A. There are no hidden costs and you can always contact our support staff who will do whatever they can to help you. We also run our business for the long term so that you can expect the same service you receive now also in the future.

Q. Why should I register a domain or web hosting with Web-Mania?
A. We have been established since 1995 and we're also a profitable company. We offer our web hosting at the price we do as we try to offer a package that would suit as many people as possible, as such, the standard hosting package we offer has most the features you will need and this in turn reduces the admin time and costs needed in managing the account for you. Most of our new business comes from personal recommendations, so it is in our own interests to offer our customers a great service.

Q. How long does it take for my web hosting account and domain name to get activated and registered?
A. Domain names are registered when payment is received, they then take 24 - 48 hours to show up.
Web Hosting accounts are set-up within 3 hours of being ordered, but will only work with the chosen domain name once it is pointing at our servers.

Q. Do you charge for the transfer of site from another hosting company to Web Mania?
A. We do not make any admin charges. You just need to contact the company that manages your domain name and ask them to change the name servers listed on your domain name to:

Q. Are there any hidden costs involved?
A. There are no hidden costs. All costs of our hosting and domains are shown on the web site.

Q. Do you charge for the change of IPS TAG?
A. No we do not charge for releasing .uk domains to another TAG Holder