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CuteFTP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will show you how to successfully connect to our FTP servers using an FTP client called CuteFTP.

1. To begin with, you need to have CuteFTP program installed on your PC - You can buy this product from or download a free trial from the website. Once you have the program installed, run it and follow to next step.

2. Once you opened CuteFTP, click on File > New > FTP Site, just like shown here:

(click to enlarge)

3. Once you have clicked on the FTP Site , a new window should of opened, like this one:

(click to enlarge)

Name : The name of the site you want, it can be anything, as its just a name on cuteftp to remember site it is.
Host Address: - being the domain name you purchased with us.
Username: The username of your FTP account.
Password: The password of your FTP account.

Note, you can check your details on Web-Mania control panel online, by going to: under the lookup ftp info.

4. Once you entered the information, click on the "type" tab, to enable passive mode, should look like this:

(click to enlarge)

Data Connection Type: Make sure you have selected PASV which means "passive" mode. Once you did, click OK to confirm the creation of a new account.

5. Once you have clicked OK, a new name should of appeared on the left side of the menu, the name of the site you created:

(click to enlarge)

6. Now since your site account has been created on cuteftp, you are ready to connect and transfer files, you can do this by right clicking on the sitename, and click connect, like this:

(click to enlarge)

Once you are connected, you will need to switch to "local drive" so you are able to upload the files, select the "local drives" tab, here is an example:

(click to enlarge)

Now just select the files from the left menu, where it represents your hard drive, and right click and click "upload". This will upload the file to your FTP.

Tip: You can transfer alot of files at once, if you select them, using ctrl + click on the items you want, this will queue them automaticly, and upload one by one.