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FlashFXP Tutorial

Having trouble setting up an FTP connection? Well, here we will show you how to establish an FTP connection between your computer and the server.

1. To begin using FTP, you will need to download an FTP program that makes it easy to transfer and modify your files. I personally recommend you to use FlashFXP application, this is the program you will see on this tutorial. If you prefer a different FTP client, you can always find your own one at website, just do a search "FTP". Note that your program may have a different appearance than the images here, but you should be able to get the general idea from this tutorial.

2. Now install the program on your computer using the instructions provided at the site, in a readme file, etc. Once you've installed, run the program and you should see something like this:

(click to enlarge)

A) This box represents your hard drive directory, this is where you would navigate and select the folder/files you would want to transfer to the server.

B) This box shows the items queued to be transfered to the server, or the files/folders being tranfered in action.

C) This shows the directory of your FTP server, once you upload something, it will show you the file/folders on this box.

D) This box shows all the logs of what actions were made using the program, it will show if the files were transfered succesfully or with errors etc.

3. Before going to the next step, make sure you have "passive mode" enabled on the FTP client, otherwise you will be rejected on connect on the server. Go to Options > Preferences then on the new popup, select "proxy/firewall/ident" tab, and tick the passive mode. Here is an example:

(click to enlarge)

4. Now since you got the feel of the program, lets go and create a new connection. Click on tab: Site » Site Manager You should be prompted with a new window, like this one:

(click to enlarge)

Click on "New Site" to create a new connection, look for FTP details you've been given, and fill out the following information:

IP Address: - being your domain name you've ordered/transfered to us.

Username: Your username here.

Password: The password you've been given (case sensitive).

Once you've filled out the information above, click on "Apply" to save settings, and then you can click "connect" to make a connection!

TIP: Once you've added the new connection, and re-opened the program a few times, you do not need to go into "Site" tab and connect through there, simply click on this tab and select the connection you want:

(click to enlarge)

Clicking on the selected connection, will connect to the FTP server straight away.

5. Once you connected to the FTP server, go to the folder/file you want to transfer, right click on it, and you should have a menu like this one:

(click to enlarge)

Then just either click on "transfer" to upload the file straight away, or queue the file, to upload later.

Basicly, if you want to upload alot of files at once, just queue them all, once done, select the top file on the queue list, and click transfer, and it should upload all the files on the queue list to the server.