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FrontPage Tutorial

You have frontpage and do not know how to upload pages using the program? Here is a step by step guide to upload your website to your hosting account within minutes.

1. To begin with, you need to have Microsoft Frontpage program installed on your PC - You can buy this product from or from your local retailer if you dont have it already. Once you have the program installed, run it and follow to next step.

2. Once you opened Frontpage, click on "File > Open Web" then select a directory where you will want to save all your website files.:

(click to enlarge)

Just make a folder anywhere on your hard drive, and lick "open" button on the botton right corner. Once you done that, you can go and create all your website pages, and proceed to next step.

3. Now since you have a website with a few pages, you will want to upload it to your webspace, save all the files, and go to: File > Publish Web - you should have a screen like this:

(click to enlarge)

Enter the domain name of your website you host with us make sure it starts with and then click OK, you will then be prompted with the following screen:

(click to enlarge)

Name : The username of your account, you should of received one with your welcome email from Web-Mania.
Password: Your FTP password, also should of been included on your welcome email.

Note, you can check your details on Web-Mania control panel online, by going to:

4. Once you entered your username and password, click next and you should be connected to the http server now, and see this screen:

(click to enlarge)

A: This represents your directory for the website, the folder you selected at the beginning as "your web folder".

B: Once you click on "show" button on the bottom right corner, this will display your FTP directory, and list all the files that are stored on it.

Simply right click on the file you want to transfer, and click "publish selected files" - it should then upload the files/folders to your FTP. You can also delete or rename the files by right clicking on the file and selecting either delete or rename file.

Once you done uploading, just close the "web" window, and carry on with your work, when you need to update the website again, you should be prompted about "overwriting" an excisting file, you should always over-write an existing file, as otherwise it wont update.