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Data Transfer

Data Transfer is sometimes referred to as bandwidth and is the amount of data that can be transferred in a month. When we calculate the data transfer we only include the data that has been transferred when a visitor looks at your web site.

If you have a visitor that looks at one page (size 1KB) which has 3 images on it (size 10KB each) then the data that has been transferred is simply:

1KB + 10KB + 10KB + 10KB = 31KB
total 31KB

Unlike many hosting companies, we do not include the data transferred by FTP (uploading files) or email etc, we only include the data that gets transferred when someone views your web site.

All web hosting accounts we supply come with a massive 12GB of data transfer per month. 12GB is more than enough for a vast majority of web sites, in fact most web sites do less than 1GB of transfer a month.

If you have a very busy web site, you can simply order extra data transfer which you can order from the control panel, we will also keep you informed, if our system predicts you will exceed the transfer in a month, you will be sent an email to let you know, so if you did not want to pay for any extra, you could make some changes to your web site to reduce the amount being transferred.

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