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Disk Space

Disk space (sometimes referred to as web space) is the amount of physical space that an account is allowed to use. We have set a limit on each account that should cover a vast majority of web sites. However if you run out of disk space you just need to contact us for details on extra disk space. The amount of space you will need for your web site is simply the total size of all files that you want to upload to your web site.

Is there any difference in web space between different companies?
Yes. There can be a significant difference in the performance of the disk space, just as in your home computer, you can get different sorts of hard drives. We use ultra wide scsi hard drives in all our web hosting servers, which are configured to raid 1, where the server contains two identical hard drives, the secondary hard drive is a mirror of the primary hard drive, so should a hard drive fail, the secondary will take over. This ensures maximum performance and availability.

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